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We are Exonet, the unseen force behind thousands of business-critical websites and applications.

This company was originally started about 18 years ago by two techies with a passion, and we have since grown to become one of the Netherlands' best managed hosting providers. We might even be the best one, but we prefer to stay humble.

Exonet is independent and technology-driven. Hip, but sensible. We do things the right way, or we don't do them at all. So why do we do this? Because we love what we do, as you'll soon find out when you work with us.

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The world would grind to a halt without the Internet. Customers choose our managed hosting services because we meet their high standards for accessibility and security.

Future-readiness is key – the better our customers are prepared for the future, the more effectively they can focus on their core business.

IT managers, developers at Digital agencies, Software agencies and Enterprises all choose to work with us because of our knowledge, workflow, all-in SLA and extensive certifications.

Work with us and build your future through a collaboration, or come join our team.

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Future Store

Future Store Arnhem develops dozens of technical innovations to make the retail industry future proof. These innovations are connected to Exonet's hosting platforms, since availability and information security are of great relevance. It's impressive to see how we have been able to connect all of these innovations to each other.

Exonet HQ

What started as a dream has gradually become a reality. Our new building was finished by the end of 2019. Exonet HQ was designed and developed in consultation with the Exonet team. In addition to a gym and a game room, the office is also equipped with the very latest technology in the field of sustainability and energy conservation.

Join the team

Exonet is on the rise! Do you want to be part of our amazing team and provide the best quality to our high-end customers? Most of these customers are very technologically advanced and expect you to be able to collaborate at a high level. Exchange ideas, debug and manage. While we use the latest technologies, we make sure to do so in a responsible manner.

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