Our approach

Get ready

Call or email us to make an appointment and find out how we can help you. We'll be glad to visit your location or meet at our new office to discuss things over a nice glass of cola. We'll ask you to explain what you do, where you're headed and what sort of issues you're experiencing. We can talk hardcore technical or about the business.


With 17 years of experience working on the broadest possible range of projects, we're well-equipped to determine the most appropriate solution for your specific situation. Our plan will factor in your current and future concerns and priorities. Naturally, the focus will be on your website or application.


Once you've approved our plan, we'll prepare a playbook. This will describe exactly what needs to be done – software, versions, users, security, etcetera. You will be able to follow the latest developments through version management. After conducting a code review, we'll deploy our playbooks to your new stack.


Since we'll be working together closely, we'd like to invite you and your team to attend the official handover on our new Exonet HQ. We'll introduce you to our team, answer any questions you may have and show you how our processes work. Would you prefer to do it all by email? No problem!


Once everything is up and running, we don't simply lean back. On the contrary, this is where the work really starts. We'll monitor and maintain your server or servers and take care of any problems before they occur. We're always ready to help when you need us. We meet at least once every quarter to assess how everything is going and to discuss the near future.

What customers are saying

We use Exonet as an actual partner, in the sense that we let them talk to our customers.

Their specific knowledge of both hosting and compliance is incredibly valuable to us.

Bas van Bokhorst, Greenberry

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We understand why you would prefer to focus on development rather than managing a hosting environment.

Let's get in touch and find out whether we can work together.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion for hosting.

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