Next-level managed hosting

You provide the code, we do the rest. We choose the right building blocks to get everything running smoothly, and communicate directly with your developers. We take care of everything and align our processes. So what happens if something stops working? We hop out of bed and debug until the problem is solved.

Our building blocks are made up of hundreds of familiar open source projects and public cloud services. Thanks to years of development, these building blocks contain all our best practices and allow us to rapidly adapt to our customers' wishes. Changes are tested automatically where possible in order to prevent errors and guarantee stability.

All our services are managed using playbooks. Playbooks are basically recipes containing everything that runs in a particular hosting environment. Any changes we make can also be viewed through version management, enabling our customers to suggest changes through pull requests. As a result, our services are future-proof, secure and consistent.

We think this should be normal


Businesses choose to work with us because they know what they're getting in advance. Our rates are all-in, and we never charge hourly rates.


We pre-invest in our customers and do not apply a notice period. We want you to stay with us because of our quality and not because you've signed some long-term contract.


Developers choose to work with us because of our value as a high-level sparring partner. They also appreciate the ability to open pull requests for any necessary changes.

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We understand why you would prefer to focus on development rather than managing a hosting environment.

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