Future Store Arnhem

Contribute to the future of shopping. That is what Exonet does for Future Store Arnhem. In this case video we are visiting Kasper Kwant and his team.

Future Store Arnhem develops dozens of technical innovations to make the retail industry future proof. These innovations are connected to Exonet's hosting platforms, since availability and information security are of great relevance. It's impressive to see how we have been able to connect all of these innovations to each other.


Greenberry is a strategic design studio. It designs a wide range of digital products that all impact people's daily lives in one way or another.

Amongst other customers, Greenberry works for Achmea, Centraal Beheer, the central government and various media companies. Greenberry's customers have extremely high security and compliance requirements. Exonet serves as Greenberry's dedicated hosting partner.

In addition to supplying managed servers and clusters, we also serve as a sparring partner. We join Greenberry on customer visits to help them get the best possible results.

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