Our other services

Although our managed servers come with a wide range of standard features, we also offer plenty of valuable additional services. Feel free to contact us for more information on the following services.

Domain names

We are directly affiliated with all major registrars, and can therefore effortlessly manage all your domain names. We already offer this service for some 30,000 domain names!

SSL certificates

These days, every website and application needs an SSL certificate. Managing these certificates requires a lot of work and careful monitoring. We'll manage the entire process for you, and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Load balancing

When one server is no longer enough, it's time to apply load balancing. Our load balancers support SSL offloading, IPv6, HTTP/2 and more. Naturally, our load balancers are redundant and connected to the Internet at an impressive 10Gbit/s.

VPN / Deep Packet Inspection

Our network security cluster consists of two next-generation firewalls in a redundant setup. We offer various secure VPN services within this cluster to help you restrict application access to specific secure company networks. We can also analyse and secure your network traffic.

Centralised logging

Effective log management is a crucial component in critical environments. We offer ready-made solutions that enable you to access all logs from a single location. These log files can be used to create dashboards, graphs and alerts. Naturally, we'll help you get everything up and running.

Penetration tests

Website and application security depends on a great many factors. We can help you carry out periodic automated penetration tests. We'll then discuss the outcomes and work with you to resolve any issues we identify.

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