Follow the future

Exonet was founded in 2002 by Jesper and Robin. 17 years later, the duo have retained full ownership. This allows them to make decisions they fully support: independent, robust and rooted in technical expertise.

We realise that we bear a great responsibility for all the businesses relying on our services. That's why we have a sound financial policy, focused on the long term. All decisions – with regard to our technology, staff or office – are made with the future in mind.

The way we work has changed dramatically. Our field is evolving at a lightning speed, and we enjoy using the latest technologies. However, we're also sensible, so we only apply them if they meet our high quality standards.

Follow us, follow the future.

The other side of Exonet

French fries on Friday

Some things never change. As our customers have learnt, we'd definitely prefer you send us some snacks than a cake.

Game room

Our office also has great gaming facilities. Mario kart is still a company favourite during lunch breaks: 150cc frantic mode.


Our houses are all fully automated. The coffee machine in our new office even has an API. How do we get the coffee cup there though?

Does this appeal to you?

Exonet's growth is powered by our love for the job and our ability to adapt to the latest developments. We've got what it takes to prepare our customers for the future. These qualities have helped us maintain our position as industry leaders, while offering our team interesting and challenging work.

However, we can't stay at the top without the very best people. In addition to our customers, we also go the extra mile for our staff.

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